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Don't use this pen cixi pen factory to tell you why the word is gone

RegTime:2018/1/9 22:07:45 

In the martial arts novels, there is always such a scene, a yellow paper on the fire, immediately obvious words, and a look, it is the secret of the martial arts.
The disappearance and appearance of the word, in the eyes of cixi Chen yong stationery co., ltd. is not mysterious, because their pens can be done.
This is a pen called "heat sensitive". This is not a recipe for writing.
Shen changchun, the general manager of Chen yong stationery, said it was originally because the pencil used a lot of wood and was not green, so he wanted to find an alternative pen. Instead of a pencil, you need to be able to "wipe", which is to erase the written word.
"Domestic trade" erasable pen looks peace in a neutral pen, is also a tube of black and blue ink, but the pen cover with a piece of rubber parts, used to erase the handwriting.
But unlike the traditional pencil eraser, the eraser is only a piece of plastic, and its eraser is actually a word hidden.
For example, people entered the induction door, door sensors will receive instructions to open, such as small ants generation because of the volume is too small and can't drive sensors, that is to say, the volume is a physical index of the sensor. So similar to the principle of induction door, "domestic trade" erasable pen ink also installed a "sensor", the equivalent of the difference is that it's instruction is temperature, high temperature, written word will disappear automatically, and in low temperature environment, those words will appear again.
It is not difficult to understand why a piece of plastic can be an eraser because the plastic is rubbed against the paper and the temperature is created to make the font disappear.
For the first time in 2014, "Chen yong stationery" introduced this kind of induction ink from Japan for the first time, and intended to make it into a pen.
However, shen didn't realize that the first batch of pens had only one day's "life" and could not be written the next day. He could only test one pen at a time, and finally found the problem in the pen. "This kind of ink is thicker than ordinary ink, and ordinary writing will be blocked."
Shen Changchun began to search in dungeons can match the written, matching experiment on light did more than dozens of times, it was found the right written, it is said that do this written machines imported from Switzerland, one is four million yuan.
It was not easy to successfully make the "domestic trade brush pen", shen changchun sent out the first order with great interest. Unexpectedly, the other side received the goods but found that the pen can not write.
"We use ordinary packaging to load and deliver goods, but the temperature of the car box on the road in the summer is up to 50 degrees, the temperature is high, the ink is not developed, and there is no trace on the paper." At the time, however, shen had no experience at all until he returned the goods and reinspected them. "In fact, if you just let the customer put the ice in the fridge, you'll be back to normal."
In this lesson, shen paid more than one million yuan for "tuition", which also led him to think about how to transport this special pen. "Later, we just shipped it to the high temperature area and insulated it with foam boxes. It also improved the ink and raised the 'invisible' zero point of 50 degrees to about 60 degrees, which would have been able to carry over the summer heat in most parts of the country.
Last year, shen began to sell the "invisible pen" on a large scale, selling more than 60 million yuan a year.
The most interesting is shen changchun's promotion plan, buy a box of pens and a hair dryer, called "learning package". A lot of people are attracted to this crossover, and what is it for?
Shen changchun demonstrated, he wrote on a piece of paper, then with a hair dryer, the words disappeared, the paper can be written again. "It's a lot of paper for students to practice," he said. "we use our pens, and paper can be reused." But, he joked, if it's important to write an important signature, don't use it!